CPD Programme 2011

Date:               Sunday October 30th                                                        
Title:                Creating Tui Na Treatments and Choosing Techniques- revision of the therapeutic qualities of the techniques and styles of application
Led by:            Sarah Pritchard
Venue:             Blackheath Complementary Health Centre, 184-186 Westcombe  Hill, London SE3
Duration:         10am – 5pm
Fee:                 £90 (non-members) / £70 (members)
Maximum No: 10
Contact:           sarah@healingpath.co.uk

Date:               Saturday November 5th                   
Title:                Treatment of Scoliosis with Tui Na
Led by:           Andrew Croysdale
Venue:            Uni Healthcare, 200 City Rd, London, EC1V 2PH
Duration:         10am – 5pm
Fee:                 £90 (non-members) / £70 (members)
Maximum No: 16
Contact:           tuina46@hotmail.com

Date:               TBC                                                     
Title:                Introduction to Sinew Meridians and Their Treatment of Pain
Led by:           Tim Sullivan
Venue:             TBC
Duration:         10am – 5pm
Fee:                 £90 (non-members) / £70 (members)
Maximum No: 12
Contact:           tim@incarnations.info

 More CPD events will be forthcoming.


Date:               8 weeks (on Thursdays) from 7th July to 25th August                   
Title:                Tui Na Development Course
Led by:            Zarig Cooper
Venue:             Kai Clinic, Tufnell Park, London
Duration:         9.30am – 2pm
Fee:                 £200 (non-members) / £175 (members)
Maximum No: TBC
For more info: Click here
:           07957 267025 or info@zarigcooper.com

Date:               Saturday June 25th & Sunday June 26th                          
Title:                Tui Na Treatment of Musculoskeletal Disorder
Led by:                        Andrew Croysdale
Venue:             Uni Healthcare, 200 City Road, London EC1V 2PH
Duration:         10am – 5pm
Fee:                 £180 (non-members) / £140 (members)
Maximum No: 16
Contact:           tuina46@hotmail.com


Date: Sunday May 9th
Title: Tui Na for Pre- and Post-natal Treatments
Led by: Julia Oji
Venue: The Special Yoga Centre
1st Floor, The Tay Building
Wrentham Avenue
London NW10
Duration: 10am – 5pm
Fee: £85 (non-members) / £60 (members)
Maximum No: 14
Contact: juliaoji@hotmail.com

Date: Sunday June 27th
Title: Emergency First Aid at Work
Led by: Alex Brakiewicz, Holos Healthcare & Training Ltd.
(HSE Approved)
Venue: Anerley Business Centre
Anerley Road
London SE20
Duration: 10am – 5.30pm
Fee: £85 (non-members) / £60 (members)
Maximum No: 12
Contact: holostraining@aol.com

Date: Sunday October 3rd
Title: Abdominal Tui Na and Moxibustion with a focus on Fertility
Led by: Sarah Pritchard
Venue: Blackheath Complementary Health Centre
184-186 Westcombe Hill
London SE3
Duration: 10am – 5pm
Fee: £85 (non-members) / £60 (members)
Maximum No: 10
Contact: sarah@healingpath.co.uk

Title: Treating Mental/Emotional Conditions with Acupuncture & Tui na
Led by: Tim Sullivan
Venue: 143 Melrose Avenue
London NW2
Duration: 10am – 5pm
Fee: £85 (non-members) / £60 (members)
Maximum No: 12
Contact: tim@incarnations.info

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