Membership Types

There are five types of membership: Full, Associate, Student, Friend, and Honorary.

Full members

enjoy all membership benefits and are entitled to use the letters MRTCM after their name and have a personalised profile on the public register.

£95 per annum

Fully qualified practitioners of Chinese Medicine and Tui na with experience that meets or exceeds the core curriculum of Tui na theory and techniques, Chinese medicine theory and diagnosis, meridian and acupoint locations and functions, and western biomedical sciences plus no less than 70 hours proven supervised clinical practice.

Full Member (Graduate)

If you are a graduate of one of the recognised professional Tui na courses you are automatically eligible to become a Full Member. Discounted graduate rate applies to first year of practice.

If you’re not sure if your training meets the core curriculum go to FAQ or contact us.

Associate members

have access to supervised clinical practice, CPD courses, workshops and seminars, the UKRTCM forum, and membership priority bookings and discounts.

£35 per annum

Tui na practitioner with qualifications or experience that does not yet meet the core curriculum standards (eg: less than 70 hours proven supervised clinical practice).

Student members

have access to workshops and seminars, the UKRTCM forum, and all membership priority bookings and discounts.

 £25 per annum

Students currently training to be professional Tui na practitioners

Friends help support the organisation and receive our newsletter

£15 per annum

Honorary Member

Anyone not necessarily involved in Tui na practice but invited to contribute to the management and promotion of the UK Register of Tui na Chinese Massage.

Membership fees were reduced in our first year of launching until 31 August 2010.

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