Who we are and what we do

The UK register of Tui na Chinese massage is a voluntary non-profit making organisation created to:

Establish a professional body for Tui na practitioners
Tui na massage practitioners are highly skilled with a significant level of academic achievement and clinical experience. Many also practice acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine but before the UKRTCM, there was no specific professional body for Tui na practitioners as exists for acupuncturists and herbalists.

Raise public awareness of Tui na
Public awareness of, and demand for, traditional Chinese medicine is growing. The UKRTCM seeks to ensure that people who will benefit from Chinese therapeutic massage hear about Tui na and can find a qualified therapist.

Represent the interests of UKRTCM Members
By creating the first national register of qualified Tui na therapists, RTCM gives Tui na Chinese massage practitioners a collective voice.

Build a community of Tui na practitioners and students
Tui na is still relatively new to the UK but the number of qualified Tui na practitioners is on the rise. By sharing our knowledge and experience we can grow and develop as practitioners, for the benefit of both ourselves and our patients.

Provide Tui Na CPD courses
With its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, Tui na is more than just massage. The best way to hone your diagnostic skills and Tui na techniques is by learning from experienced practitioners and teachers of Tui na.

Promote standards of competence, knowledge and clinical experience
As awareness of Tui na grows, the public can be confident that all members of RTCM share a common high level of expertise and experience.

There are many benefits of joining the UK register of Tui na

Are you a Tui na practitioner or student? Join the UK register of Tui na


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